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Drift Max Pro is a racing game for Android devices developed by Tiramisu. The game features realistic 3D graphics and physics, and allows players to customize their cars with hundreds of parts and accessories. Players can also compete in online drift races against other players from around the world. Drift Max Pro also includes a singleplayer career mode, where players progress through increasingly challenging levels to earn rewards such as new cars and upgrades.

The main objective of the game is to drift as far as possible in order to score points. Players can use various techniques such as handbrake turns and countersteering to gain an edge over their opponents. The more points that are earned, the better the rewards that are earned from each race. There are also daily challenges available for players to tackle in order to earn extra rewards.


Drift Max Pro Mod v2.5.7

Drift Max Pro mod v2.5.7 is a mod for the popular racing game Drift Max Pro. This mod adds new features and content to the game, including more cars, tracks, and customization options. The mod also makes some changes to the physics of the game, making it easier to drift and providing a more realistic driving experience. Additionally, this version of the mod includes bug fixes and other improvements that make playing Drift Max Pro even more enjoyable.The mod version of the game offers unlimited money, so you can upgrade your car and customize it to your hearts content. You can also unlock all tracks and cars in the game, giving you access to every corner of the game. With its realistic physics engine and amazing visuals, Drift Max Pro is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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You can download for free mod drift max pro at the link below, from a safe cloud where all files are checked for viruses.
Android OS Version: 8.0+

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